About us

From Istanbul the heart of trade in Turkey where business activity and pride of industry and tourism together we started.

We have gathered the resources of our services from other cities in Turkey by communicating with the sources of production directly and without any external mediations.

We have produced children’s supplies of diapers, natural and scented abrasives and shampoos for children, taking into consideration the quality of both Turkish and international production.

We will bring you to your destination in a short period of time to suit your requirements and aspirations of quality and continuity.

Our work in particular is to secure Turkish goods with high specifications and from the source of production directly in record times, Under direct agreements with laboratories in Turkey, Without any intermediary.

By establishing our company concerned with import and export to and from Turkey

Turkey Mall Trading Company

Established in accordance with the Commercial Companies Law of the Republic of Turkey in the city of Istanbul, the head office and its branch in southern Gaziantep to combine the north and the south of Turkey and to start to lead in world trade, God willing.